Stone fascia wall

Here are before during and after pictures of the complete process to re-face a stone front entry.

After tearing out the old cement, chickenwire and wood siding you can see there is no insulation under the picture Window.

In fact there is a serious draft opening from the crawlspace to the home interior that needs fixing here.

Opening has been rebuilt with plywood base and caulked.  Rigid styrofoam and sprayfoam applied to seal all cracks or crevices.  No draft will get through here.
Existing insulation was pulled out and replaced with a superior rigid 2" foamboard and sprayfoam crevices.
3/4" plywood added for strength and stone support.
Screening added to hold cement.
Scratch coat added to adhere to stone.
Here's what we started with...

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And the stone applied for a rich, finished look.