Large Tigerwood deck with a compass rose centerpiece


The alcove area was leveled and ready for decking boards.

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This semicircular deck measures 70' width by 29' depth, ~900sf total. It replaces a smaller deck with much more usable space due to the removal of "corners" and rounding the entire front facing the lake.

Tigerwood decking, a South American wood with lots of color and rich grain variety, has a high resistance to fire and stands up to extreme weather. It's a hardwood, doesn't scratch or dent easily and is superior to redwood or cedar.
My son-in-law, Mike Roberts, was the expert framer on this job which included 90% angled cuts and using wood pressure blocks to keep a clean underside appearance.  This practice strengthened the joist connection and eliminated unsightly steel hangars.  The underside was sprayed before laying the decking with a lifetime paint.  The picture here shows how asthetically appealing the deck ceiling looks.
Compass Rose

The centerpiece of the deck is the compass rose I designed to fit this space.  It's set to true north and thus is not set square to the running deck boards.  North to south points measure 8 1/2 feet long with a 6 foot diameter circle. I used four woods to contrast the design; Walnut, Maple, Alder and Tigerwood.